Monday, July 14, 2008

Who FRAMED Roger Rabbit?

How many times have we read an article in a photography magazine or book that said to achieve better photographs we should frame our shots using things that are available to us in our own environment? Things like a tree branch or an arch. That’s all fine, but to make your images more personalized you need to explore new ways to frame, out of the conventional .

I must have been an explorer in my previous life. I love the unknown, taking chances, experimenting and finding new ways to approach and photograph things and then comparing the results. I find that this gives me so many more options and choices of images. It allows me to be more artistic and creative. So here is my photography tip of the day; try framing some of your shots and do it with great style. There are so many things right in front of your eyes just waiting to be used as a "natural" frame. Find them and use them to your advantage.

Break some rules! Who said the frame needs to be in the foreground? Who said the frame needs to cover less space than the subject? Who said the subject of the photo cannot also be the frame itself? And lastly, who said the frame needs to completely "frame" the four sides of the subject? Think outside the box!

Here are some samples I have encountered over the years:

What about a rain puddle? Isn’t that a frame?
(see the picture at the beginning of this blog)

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