Thursday, January 1, 2009

Classic Profile

Unlike human subjects, you can’t ask a pet to turn their head to the left or right, not move, smile and look at the camera. Well you can, they just won’t understand. So, it’s important when photographing pets to take a wide variety of shots, be creative and use different perspectives – one of them being a profile. Profiles make wonderful pet portraits. They are regal, classic and owners love them. Dogs with long muzzles look great in profile. Try to include a few profiles in your photo sessions. If you are photographing a pet that has a bad or missing eye, is scarred on one side or just does not want to face the camera, consider taking several profile shots.

Don’t forget the importance of backgrounds in your portraits. Dark, rich tones make striking backdrops for profiles and create a dramatic mood. It’s a great way to showcase a pet. And don’t forget about catch lights. Even though you only see one eye, you still need that catch light. It’s a little “spark” of life!

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Jill Flynn


Christine said...

Wow, yes, that profile against the dark background is really stunning :)

Steaphany Waelder said...

It's been my experience that whether or not a non-human subject listens and follows what is told to them greatly depends on prior teaching to follow commands given from a distance. A lot also depends on the mind set of the species, some don't like or don't care about being photographed.

This was pure luck:

My Horses on the other hand are very cooperative and can follow my requests to get a good photo:
The only problem with my Horses is when I step back to frame a shot, they don't like me walking away and follow where the photo would be a nose close up.