Saturday, March 27, 2010


Spring has arrived! Temperatures here in Maine have been amazingly warm, such a wonderful and unexpected thing, as March is typically a winter month here. More seasonable weather is expected this week (i.e. cold!!), but I managed to shoot some Snow Drops and Crocuses while it was warm last week. Because I didn't get my hands on the Lensbaby Soft Focus optic until I beta tested it late last summer, I was anxious to see what it could do with the tiny spring flowers in my garden. The optic provides an all-over softness, but you can still control the Depth of Field by manually changing aperture disks, as you can with all Lensbaby optics and lenses. I was easily able to softly blur the backgrounds, yet keep a focal point where I wanted it on the tiny flowers. I love this optic more all the time!

All of these images were taken with the Lensbaby Muse , which is my favorite Lensbaby model. I always advise photographers who are new to Lensbabies to start with the Composer model, . It is the easiest Lensbaby to use, because the ball and socket design allows you to lock the focus. The Muse resembles the original bellows models, it's quick to focus and adjust and works well for what I do. You can use extension tubes with Lensbabies, but for these images I used the Lensbaby Macro Kit

I shot these images with the f/5.6 aperture disk

These images were made with the f/2.8 aperture disk, placed on top of one of the special aperture disks that comes with the soft focus optic. The images are softer, with less depth of field, which is a lovely effect when photographing flowers.

I hope there are spring flowers blooming where you live, go outside and make some photos! Happy Shooting!

Kathleen Clemons
PPSOP Instructor and PPSOP's Director of Student Happiness

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